Various selections from my CDs.  

  These selections are free to stream from this page.  If you are on a modem or slow connection, you    may want to try the LoFi selections.  Otherwise, enjoy the HiFi for better sound quality.  If you need    a  free MP3 player, here are a few that I like.  The Five Beans songs and some of the Entropy songs are just Demo versions at this point.  Mastering and all will happen this summer if all goes as planned, so listen with an open mind.




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Spaceman         LoFi    |   HiFi

I wrote this song quite some time ago and have played it in several bands.  It's was even recorded by Sonic Leon on their first CD! This version was a collaboration by Beth, my friend Donaldo and me.  It was the first song I recorded when I bought my recording gear for home.

Clearing a Space       LoFi    |    HiFi    

This is my favorite of the Trespassers Will songs.  It was the first rock song I was able to play my Bach inspired banjo in.  It was always a crowd pleaser too.  This comes from the Trespassers Will CD "clownie". 

I Like Dark Blue Pie (Jodiego Mix)      LoFi    |    HiFi

I was thinking one day, wouldn't it be neat to play a classical tune on the banjo and hand it over to an electronica artist just to see what would happen.  So folks, that's what I did.  Paganini's Violin Caprice in A minor on the banjo, and Jodiego's electronic magic come together here for something totally new and exciting!  


Sunflower                 LoFi    |    HiFi

An acoustic  full band song with one foot in psychedelic and one foot in americana.  One person said that this song had a very "summery" feel to it.  I'd have to say I think she hit the nail right on the head too.  This song is from the Trespassers Will CD "clownie".


Spiced Out (Jodiego Mix)                     LoFi    |    HiFi

Another Jodiego/Bud collaboration, this time starting with a bit of Beethoven's Mandolin Sonata in C major.  I think Jodiego and I have something with these banjo/electronica collaborations.  These are different from most anything you've ever experienced.


Morning Glory        LoFi    |    HiFi

Another electric americana song.  If you took Fleetwood Mac and Counting Crows, put them in a big bag and shook them, this song is what might fall out of the bag when you were done.  This song is from the "i like pie" CD.


Poor Wayfairin' Stranger     LoFi      |       HiFi

I've always been attracted to this song.  It's a traditional one, and here I've put my own spin on it.  Sad and mournful!


Pond Thing             LoFi    |    HiFi

An odd little electric americana song inspired by finding something odd in the woods one day.  This is one of my favorite of Mark David's electric guitar leads.  It's another one from Trespassers Will's CD "clownie".


 Easter Island      LoFi       |     HiFi

I love this song.  It incorporates a lot of ideas, including my belief in spacemen.  In the end, I imagine a big old party with the spacemen!

Dreaming of Texas         LoFi         |           HiFi

I wrote this song the day Jerry Garcia died.  I incorporated some T. S. Eliot poetry with some memories I had and some images of Jerry that I stored away in my mind.  An odd tribute perhaps, but a tribute just the same.

Bud Bennett 2004