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Works Done for Others

These are a few more photos of work I've done for others.  Some were gifts but most were commissioned pieces.  They range in location from Arizona to New York to the UK!


This panel was made and donated to a retirement home in Green Valley, Arizona.  The panel hangs in a public area and was inspired by a photograph a friend took. 


Yin Yang 1

The top one here was made as a gift for the Shenandoah Taiji Center in Winchester, Virginia.  It incorporates the five element colors of taiji.  The bottom one was made for a taiji school in Winchester, Virginia.  Both were designed to incorporate the five element colors of taiji, and to have colors in the Yin Yang would be reversed when it's shadow was on the floor: 






This was made for a musician friend of mine who lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the U.K.  He wanted two pieces with a musical theme.  I made the shapes of an acoustic and an electric guitar, incorporated the bass and treble clefs "growing" from a plant-like object.  The idea was that music is a growing and changing thing and this was further illustrated with the overlapping circles in the plant's flower- two different colors merge into a third.  Have a look at my friend's music page:  Business as Usual .




I made this for another musician friend and it (and he!) lives in Staten Island, New York.  The petals of the sunflower were done with many different kinds of yellow, including iridescent, opaque and clear so that it would look different during different parts of the day or with different kinds of light.  Have a look at this friend's music pages too!  Anthony Ruocco and Vital Point.


This trio was made for a family in Blacksburg, Virginia.  They wanted a biblical theme and so I chose grapes, wheat and olives.  For the grapes and olives I used a wide variety of purples because not all of the fruit ripens at the same rate, and because I felt that would add some interest to the piece.  The olive panel is probably my favorite of all of the things I've ever made.




Healing Hand
This piece was made for the office of a massage therapist.  She is also a martial arts student and so I combined a few images.  Parts of the idea for this piece came from the cover of a book by Yang, Jwing-Ming.

Morning Glory Lamps
This is a pair of lamps I made for someone in Blacksburg, Virginia.  They are panel lamps, the design on both is the same but the glass is somewhat different- the same glass was used overall, but not necessarily the same glass used in each petal or leaf so there was a bit of variety in there.  What pleases me about these is that there is such a difference in the lamps when they are turned on or off.