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  • Examples of our Work
Examples of our Work

These are a few examples of our work.  We enjoy making stained glass panels, but also work in other formats.  Much of our work is functional or just plain fun.  We have posted a few photos of some of our available works on a different page which you also might want to see. Please feel free to contact us for available or commissioned work.

Rosy Fingered Dawn
This panel was inspired by a line in the Odyssey that I have remembered since high school when I read it.  The line mentioned rosy fingered dawn stretching out her fingers in the morning and I've thought about that a lot.  In this piece, I have Rosy Fingered Dawn walking through her flower garden picking flowers.  The flowers make her happy and her happiness makes the light spring from her head, which in turn makes the flowers grow so she can walk through them the next day.



This was accidentally inspired by a Mucha piece, Primrose.  I must have seen his painting along the way somewhere because after I made this piece, I saw his and noticed that they were very similar!  A happy accident I think.


Garden Scene
This is another of my favorite pieces.  Measuring about three feet square, it was also my biggest so far.  The tangle of flowers at the bottom were challenging (especially the lily leaves) and I tried to use several different shades of white, yellow and green to draw attention to the individual parts of the flowers and leaves. 

When I made the initial sketch of this piece, I actually drew out the lattice in the background first, then drew the flowers overtop of it so that the lines would be actually correct. 

I toyed a bit with scale and flowering seasons, but in the end I was very pleased with the piece.


Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers to make because of all of the petals.  I always like to use several different colors of yellow for the petals because in real life no two are exactly alike.  I obviously exaggerate the point, but I like the effect. Below is the window installed in the room I made it for.

I wanted to challenge myself with this piece and see how different I could make this piece look one way in the day- on the left (light passing through the piece) and one way in the night - below(with light bouncing off the piece).  If you compare the two photos of this rooster, you will see that they do actually look different with the two kinds of light!


Asian dragons are different than European ones- they are elusive and only show up where water and air meet, places like waterfalls, fog, mist etc.  Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don't.   For this piece, I made a babmoo scene and wanted to try my hand at etching a dragon onto it.  I used a tiny engraving dremel and the result is just what I had in mind! 


Sunflowers and American Goldfinchs

I enjoy things with a lot of pieces, and I enjoy both flowers and birds, so what better thing to do than combine them!

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