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This is a double colored face.  I did it with the idea of myself.  It is like a self portrait (that doesn't really look like me).  I  did it by cutting out the main shape in orange, then I drew half of it on a blue sheet, I cut out the eye, pupil, nose and mouth shapes, then I glued them to the orange paper. and glued that to a yellow sheet of paper.


Selena is an 8 year old artist. Below her work are a few comments from her.  Some of these pieces she did in school (kindergarten through third grade) and some she did with her art teacher Catherine Wingfield-Yeatts.  Below the pictures are some comments from Selena.  Please feel free to leave some of your own comments if you'd like!


This is an abstracted bird.  This is my favorite bird that I've painted.  



This is a fish that I made in kindergarten.  I drew it with pencil first, I went over it with black permanent marker, then I colored it in with markers.  This has been made into magnets, stickers, and postcards.



This is a swirling hole that never ends.  It is made by carefully measured pieces of construction paper glued into a swirling shape.  I did that with my art teacher Catherine Wingfield-Yeatts.  It is in a pattern that goes in a very interesting order.



This is a bird that I did with my friend and art teacher Catherine Wingfield-Yeatts.  I drew the bird and painted it.  It is a brown black capped chickadee.



This is Starry Night by VanGogh.  The tree is 3-D and the town is on black construction paper with pastel houses on it.  The moon and swirly stars are pastels also.  The background is watercolor and you can see the pastels because they are resistant.



These are poppies that I did using my hands for the flowers.  The red part is the heel of my hand.  The black bits are my thumbprint.  The thumb part is the seeds of the poppy.  We did this when we were studying Georgia O'Keefe.



Another bird.  This one's more colorful and getting ready to fly.


This is a maple tree that I did whit blow painting using straws.  I did it in my school art class.  We made the leaves using clay stamps that we made.  We made the clay stamps by carving the print.


This is my school teacher's name doubled and turned into a strange face.  Can you guess her name?


This is a lamp from dark blue to white.  I colored the lamp as you see it, I flipped the page over and did the exact same colors for the background but upside down.


This is a picture using a clear wax crayon that I painted over with watercolor paint.  The clear wax  is resistant to the water in the watercolors and that is why it shows up.  It is a space picture, moon, stars and asteroids.


This is a tree on a mountain with yellow rocks around it.  A red blue and brown bird is flying over it.  The light is shining on the right.


2002-3 Bud Bennett