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I have two CDs right now and am working on the third.  They are each  radically different from each other.  If you'd like to buy either "clownie" or "i like pie" (or both), they are available for purchase at CDBaby!  (YAY!) Scroll down to see the track listings and to read some reviews from listeners, or click on the CD covers above to go directly to CDBaby, or use this convenient shopping cart:


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TRESPASSERS WILL: Clownie $10.97
I LIKE PIE: i like pie $10.00
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1.  Race is Run (Blackley, David)
2. Sunflower (Bennett)        Lofi      Hifi
3. Fade Into (Blackey)
4. Ishi (Bennett)
5. Pond Thing (Bennett, Kelsey)         LoFi             HiFi
6. Clearing a Space (Bennett, Kelsey)         Lofi         Hifi
7. Cafe Blinky Light (Bennett, David, Kelsey)
8. From the World (Bennett, David, Kelsey)
9. Story or a Lie (Blackley, Kelsey)
10. Summers End (Bennett, Kelsey)
                                                                                             $10.97 at CDBaby


Trespassers Will created a fun sort of Americana music.  We blended country, psychedelic, rock, and folk and came up with our own sound.  We have been compared to Counting Crows, Rusted Root, and Spin Doctors in the past.  I'd say we are not like those bands, but I like that others think that.  
"clownie" has done quite well since it's 1995 release.  The song Cafe Blinky Light was chosen to be on a compilation CD to benefit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, it was also chosen by MTV to be on an episode of The Real World.  The CD has consistently been in the top ten best selling CDs at too.  
Here are a few reviews of clownie:

 Trespassers Will Album: clownie This 1995 release comes off as a fun, heartfelt effort that -- as much as Trespassers Will does not want to be likened to the Dead -- must have inspired plenty of spirited noodle dancing when it came out. It’s tough to describe exactly what genre the music falls in, so let’s just cite every one we can think of: rock, blues, folk, bluegrass, country, jazz, world -- they’re all represented here. The players are all great. Bud Bennett’s banjo is not used as a gimmick; it belongs wherever it is used and either adds much-needed texture or solos away with confidence. Bennett usually takes co-lead vocal duties with Laura Blackley, and Blackley’s soulful voice complements Bennett’s country-flavored vocal delivery nicely. Beth Kelsey’s bass is a huge force as well, often figuring prominently in the mix with either melodic lines played high up on the neck or super-tight grooves that lock in with every fill Brian Mabe dishes out. Mark David’s lead guitars are expertly played, but he also knows how to provide the perfect part for the song, which is vastly important for a jam band like TW (and that label is meant in the best sense of the word "jam"). Finally, Max Wetzel is a monster on percussion, and is largely responsible for the world music flair clownie regularly exhibits. Trespassers Will is the kind of group that wouldn’t necessarily find much room on the radio, but my guess is that their interests lie elsewhere. Judging by the "live" feel they master on this studio recording, their home is on the stage, playing for a big hometown crowd that has just eaten barbecue and downed a few cold ones at Blacksburg, Virginia’s annual Summerfest-type concert. And there’s nothing wrong with that. --Mike (Mike Moore is a music editor for LA's Music Connection.)


Great Stuff... 
by Marty Smith

  Rating: 10

This album is a step away from stuff i usually listen to , and it is a credit to the songs and musicians that i enjoy it so much. The mood of this album i found to be very blissful and relaxing , very nice to listen to when i am a little tense and i need to calm down. The instruments intertwine brilliantly throughout the album and i am hard pressed to pick a stand out track as all the songs are very good. The acoustic guitar and bass are a constant throughout , and are both simple but effective with good choices in chord structure. The guitar solos are really cool... kinda bluesy and always melodic. The banjo is a real feature in some of the songs, it walks along tickling the soul. The percussion is very impressive , funky beats at times and sometimes Latin sounding rhythms. The vocals however are the key to making this album great... when the male/female vocals come together as vocal harmonies, i believe these are the ultimate highlights of this superb recording. Top Stuff!


Trespassers Will- clownie 
by Rachel Rating: 10

This album has been one of my favorites ever since I first heard it about five years ago. The lyrics are beautiful and poignant, and the music both helps me celebrate the happier moments in life, while sustaining me during harder times. If you told me that I could only have 10 cds to listen to for the rest of my life, this would be one of my top three picks. 

A Must Have Album 
by W.V. Hill Rating: 10

Just by happenstance I came across this fine example of innovative and invigrorating music. "Clownie" is a voyage as well as an opportunity to indulge in inner ponderance. I get lost in the melodies. So lost at times, I wish to never be found. The more I listen, the more I understand. 

  Reviewer: PattiSterling, 2/18/2002 5:53:25 PM 

Subject: Review: Trespassers Will....clownie/ "Clearing a Space" 

Comments: The tone of "Trespassers Will...clownie" is set by the the uptempo "Clearing a Space"...a joyful postmodern look at staking your claim to piece of mind in this world. There is such a refreshing attitude attached to the music of Bud Bennett and his assoiciates,"Clearing A Space" exemplifies Bennett's abilities as a pop music 'composer'. The song is almost reminicient of Sonata form - A,B,C,- Exposition and re-statement.Bud Bennett's banjo-playing is worthy of such a format, and the vocals dance through the melodies...inviting you to Live the Moment...NOW -in case you missed it yesterday...Don't miss this party... 

  Reviewer: Jeza, 2/21/2002 9:11:23 AM 

Subject: Review: Trespassers Will....clownie 

Comments: Clownie – Trespassers Will This fine 1995 album by Bud Bennet and friends contains the now classic tracks, ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Ishi’. My personal favourite is a track called ‘Pond Thing’ which begins with some wonderful fretless bass .. The feel is loose, jamming music, reminiscent of Jefferson SpaceHopper, with lots of acoustic guitar, female backing vocals and plenty of percussive elements, and of course Bud’s trademark banjo often taking the lead where you might otherwise expect an electric guitar. Perhaps best highlighted on the track “Clearing a Space”, but there’s some fine lead riffing as well from Mark David, with Beth Kelsey providing a solid bass backbone and backing vocals throughout the proceedings. Despite some minor production flaws and live timing errors, the songs are all well constructed, very engaging and tell a rockin’ story of a windswept middle America, lending from both rock and folk traditions, without sounding either East or West Coast. You certainly feel the spirit of fun in which the music was delivered. The front cover image is of a soft toy clown, stranded on a lonely stretch of highway, stretching out through the deserted landscape. With an inspired logo designed by Clare Little, showing a bearded and shaded ‘hog’ with a banjo on his knee. This folks, is ‘Americana’, and the CD would make a welcome adition to any record collection, as indeed it does mine. Jeza 
  Reviewer: Jimrie, 2/22/2002 5:50:31 AM 

Subject: Review: Trespassers Will....clownie 

Comments: I first received this album last summer when I was first introduced to bud bennett. I have not been disappointed since. What grabs you fast is the way the bud has integrated a usually very obscure instrument - the banjo - into some pretty rockin tunes, and it doesn't sound out of place. The first tune that grabbed my attention on this cd was "Pond Thing" - what a kewl hip little tune - but really the song "Clearing a Space" is the perfect tune to showcase the entire cd. These are a bunch of talented musicians, and no one will be disappointed on the purchase of this cd. Was this review helpful to you? 
Reviewer: Les Souci, 7/4/2002 4:05:15 AM 
Subject: Review: Trespassers Will....clownie 
Comments: Starts with "Clearing A Space" -Bud's Banjo, gentle yet building to something, carries you to a beautiful beat, a gorgeous female lead vocal(who also sings great harmony vocals on the CD). As the song progresses, Bud's soulful voice rings in on harmony. Then you round a scenic curve as, again Bud's banjo, solo, carries you into another lively, but intricate set of changes, and Rock/Jazz Fusion lead into soulful Folk Rock vocals. What an arrangement! it is both exciting and brilliant. The mood changes as the songs flow thru a very broad change of Beats, and percussions. The playing continues thru top caliber elocutions and diversity, both acoustic, and tastefully but sparingly, electric instrument performances. The singing between Bud and his harmony vocalist(who also sings great lead) is a natural pairup, it seems. Bud's voice, sounds so familiar at first listen, but after a 1/2 dozen listens to the CD, you recognize that there is a total uniqueness to his timbre, and vocal phrasing. His voice is very addictive This album reached my soul in such a variety of ways; it is a jewel in my collection of CDs. 



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1. First Flight on Gossamer Wings (Bennett)
2. Third Movement (Bennett)
3. Haunted (Bennett)
4. Seven Sisters (Bennett, Kelsey)
5. Technicolor Dreams (Bennett)
6. Morning Glory (Bennett)         LoFi         HiFi
7. Easter Island (Bennett, Kelsey)         LoFi          HiFi
8. St. Joan (Bennett)
9. A Chance to Be (Bennett)
10. Dreaming of Texas (Bennett)           LoFi            HiFi
11. Raven (Bennett)
12. Mesa (Bennett)
                                                                                                   $10 at CDBaby
"i like pie" is a CD I did in 2000.  It was home recorded and may lack a bit in polish, but it makes up for that lack with heart and intense thought provoking lyrics and musical interpretation.  The players on it are a mix of friends and former bandmates from a variety of past bands.  Beth Kelsey on bass, Lynnie Golan on vocals, Steve Helm on lead guitars, Rick Godley on drums, and Bud Bennett on vocals, rhythm guitar and banjo.
"i like pie" is a concept album.  It tells the story of a mans journey through a spectrum of emotions.  It ends triumphantly.  Here are some of the reviews of it:

i like pie 
by Jody Skopick Rating: 10

I've had the pleasure of owning this CD for the past six months. From the opening song, "First Flight On Gossamer Wings" gently introduced by Bud Bennett's young son, the listener is drawn into a introspective journey through life. Pausing with each song, we are shown glimpse's of the artist's soul, and finally, he triumphantly proclaims "I am free" as the final song "Mesa".  This is a carefully crafted, well-produced masterpiece of Americana. The lyrics, teamed with the moving music have brought me to tears on many occasion. Other highlights are "Dreaming Of Texas", an ode to the legend Jerry Garcia, and "Easter Island", a UFO lovefest. I didn't stop with one CD, I bought Clownie as soon as it was released, as well. It too, shows the virtuosity of Bud's banjo playing against his mellow, articulate vocals. I love his voice. Many of the songs have beautiful hamonizations with strong female vocals intertwined with his. I now have the whole library of music by this fine musician, and once you sample one, it is never enough. 2001 will always be remembered as the year of pie. Jody Skopick from REDSHIFT 

i like pie 
by Rita Rating: 10

This is a great album! The songs are wonderfully written and are played with heart. My personal favorites are Morning Glory and First Flight on Gossamer Wings. When I hear First Flight all tension leaves my body. I can (and have) listen to it over and over without ever getting tired of it. The styles of the songs vary, depending on the song you can define this album as everything from rocking to relaxing. It is certainly an album that can hold up to repeated listening. 


i like pie 
by Anthony Rating: 10

i like pie is American music at its best. On a landscape of folk, rock, bluegrass, and pure Americana, we're taken on one man's journey through the endless desert of life's questions, sharing experiences and events that lead us from innocence to maturity, and all that's found in between the two.
The freedom of innocence shines through on the opening song, "First Flight on Gossamer Wings". We travel through a gamut of emotions - truth, realization, love, despair, disillusionment, wonder ... - concluding with the triumph of "Mesa". The songs are masterfully written, particularly lyrically ... each one painting its own picture of where it sits in the timeline of the singer's growth.
It's rare to find just the right combination of moving lyrics and music ... the power of harmony is heard throughout; touching orchestrations, combined with the emotions that pour out of Bud Bennett's voice with his every word ... this collection of music just floors me, at times bringing me to tears.

It's quite a strong word and shouldn't be used lightly, but it most certainly applies here. i like pie is a masterpiece. 

Anthony Ruocco (Vital Point)

Reviewer: C M, 10/4/2001 12:10:27 PM 

Subject: Review: i like pie 

Comments: Bud Bennett's music reminds me very much of the best qualities of the Grateful Dead, only delivered with more skill. Bud's vocals sound so much like Bob Weir, and the music all has a warm, organic feel, a real sense of humanity and humility - nothing bombastic or excessive. The musicianship is evident, particularly on the tasty banjo pieces. I also applaud Bud's eclectic tendencies - from diverse ingredients comes the most interesting stew! 


Reviewer: Black Diamond, 1/31/2002 3:03:49 PM 

Subject: Review: i like pie 

Comments: i like pie: although not recorded in a studio, is a warm wonderful recording that captures the energy of the songs and musicians playing them. "Morning Glory" starts off with a strong acoustic guitar intro and vocal harmonies that draw you right in. A late sixties San Francisco sound. "First Flight on Gossammer Wings" is one of my favorites on the album. A banjo meets the classical genre! An absolutely beautiful instrumental. Didn't know they had banjos in the Renaissance! "Third Movement" is a cool acoustic song with some great harmonies, nice percussion and arrangement. "Technicolor Dreams" is a rocker that comes complete with a layered Brain May type guitar solo followed by a sweet acapella section. Hats off to Bud Bennet and the band for pulling off this listener friendly concept album! 


Click here to download or preview one of the songs on Five Beans.

My new CD, Five Beans is coming soon.  It will be solo banjo and accompanied banjo.  The music will be mostly original compositions, in the baroque style, and a few will be reworked baroque classics.  Look for it here this fall!  And don't forget to sign up for the mailing list so I can keep you up to date on it's progress.