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Anthony Ruocco

Anthony is a piano and keyboard player.  His music is interesting, soothing, exciting and thought provoking all at the same time.  I'm doing several music projects with Anthony.  He's a good guy.

Vital Point

Vital Point is a rock band from New York.  They're sort of a mesh of a lot of the bands I grew up on.  They're fun and professional and I'd LOVE to jam with them someday.

Jon Solo

Jon is a fellow eclectic.  He plays a variety of musics, and produces a variety of bands and musical styles.  I love his Solosphere project particularly.  Jon is producing my Five Beans CD.


Jodiego-the Dark Blue Man is an electronic musician.  His music is intense and fascinating.  I was first attracted to his music because I noticed that one of his songs, Small Glass Vase was inspired by Alduous Huxley's Gateway to Perception.  I'm a big fan of Huxley myself.

Business As Usual

Paul is yet another eclectic.  His music ranges from rock to dance.  I've really enjoyed getting to know Paul this past year and seeing his new music transform from one style to the next.  I love eclecticism.  I also love that he covered my song Raven!

Steve Iannetti

Steve Iannetti is a fantastic songwriter and musician.  He plays all of the instruments, writes, sings, records, and produces his own music.  His songs are well crafted masterpieces in my opinion.  He's a good friend too.  

Doc "Mistabluesman" Quinn

Doc has led a fascinating and eclectic life. He is or was a motorcycle enthusiast, race car driver, trucker and guitar player.  His music is fascinating to me because of it's realness and barebones approach.  Listening to this music makes me want to be honest and real with my own music, because Doc sure is with his.

Black Diamond

This band is an awesome group of people, both musically and socially.  A Led Zeppelin influenced bunch of rockers.

The Kind

In the town that I live in, The Kind is THE band.  They play Grateful Dead covers as well as many other kinds of psychedelic and jazz and rock music.  They are great friends and I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many of them and opening for them a time or two.  They are a long time tradition in my town. 

Sonic Leon

Sonic Leon was one of my favorite bands to be a member  of.  I still count them as close friends and look forward to the next time we jam together.  Members past and present of Sonic Leon appear on my "i like pie" CD.  They recorded two of my songs on their CD too.


Susan Raven

Susan Raven is a wonderful singer and writer.  This is very special music.  Professional in every sense of the word.


Jeza is another fabulous songwriter and musician.  I'm glad to know him and I'll be on one or two of his new songs.  Yay Jeza!

Bobby Bensley

Bobby is a friend to all indie artists everywhere.  He's got years of experience in promotion and has good advice.  I love his live version of House of the Rising Sun too.

Our Religion

Our Religion is a fabulous Americana band.  They are very nice people too.  I've really enjoyed their music and getting to know Ric. 


Solorayz is a wonderful blend of musical styles, deep lyrics, and beautiful harmonies.  These songs are almost haunting.

Kim Novak

Kim Novak has a beautiful voice, and she's a very nice and helpful person.  She hunted down a long out of print album for me even!  I dearly love her songs Brown Eyes and Drowning.  Look for them, it's well worth it.


Do you like Jazz-Fusion?  Then you'll LOVE Redshift.  This trio from Illinois blows my mind with their musical prowess!


This is a great group of my internet music friends.  There's A LOT to offer here.  Drop by and see.  You won't regret it.


Doctor Oakroot

Rough-edged songs from a dark place in the soul... 


An Eclectic Chameleon of Song

The Spores 2000

Down to earth rock, with solid rhythm, electric dazle, and strong undertones.

Serena Matthews

Serena Matthews' music makes me want to lie on the floor and cry.  This is some genuine and heart wrenchingly beautiful music.  Really, it is.




2002 Bud Bennett