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One day I realized that I know a lot of people in different aspects of the music business.  I thought it might be sort of fun and interesting to "interview" them and find out a little about what they think.  It was interesting for sure.  Some things they all saw the same way, some things not.  I think I learned a little something.      

Laura Blackley

Frontperson for The Laura Blackley Band.  This band plays an average of 200 shows a year in venues ranging from coffeehouses to bars to giant festivals.  They've got two CDs out and they're fabulous. 

Barry Roberts

Barry runs a successful indie music store called Barry's Music.  He's been in business a lot of years and he has a stellar reputation for being a fair and honest guy.  I talked to him about the business and what he sees going on in local indie music.

Bronson Herrmuth

Bronson has a long history of performing with The Ozone Ramblers.  He also is Creative Manager for Al Jolson Enterprises, Inc., and President of  Iowa HomeGrown Music, Stepping Stone Productions, and SongRepair.com.  A very nice and fascinating person.    


Jeza is an indie music success story, but he's much more too.  Musician, artist, internet resource person, web designer....the list goes on, but the common thread is that he's more than willing to share his secrets, and share them he did....  

Frank Cotolo

I've known Frank for a year or so.  At first I was a little intrigued by the snippets of things I found out about him.  The more I found out, the more intrigued I became.  Frank is a musician, radio personality, Wolfman Jack sidekick, published author and philosopher.  Be prepared for a fascinating read!

Tom Ohmsen

Tom owns and runs Flat Five Press and Recording Company.  He's recorded The Dave Matthews Band, Jane Powell, Alchemy, Trespassers Will and many many others.  I spoke with Tom about recording, indie music and other things.